After the Grand Fall, the Dekaron were born to stand up against Karon, and on the cusp of Karon’s resurrection, they leapt through a portal to the past to protect Trieste.

Trieste, a world with two moons.

This planet, which is slightly larger than Earth, has a 28-hour day, and has an orbit of 40 days. Each moon orbits at a different speed, and repeatedly moves closer and further away from each other. Because Miseria, the moon of misery, is in front of Ricchez, the moon of abundance, the day that Miseria aligns with Ricchez is called the Solstice of Evil. The cycle is 12 days, the same as the cycle of the 12 gods of the state religion Incar.

Grand Fall, the Destruction of Trieste

This primordial land, born of the creators of darkness and light, was being devastated by the war between humans and a new race called the Aloken. Humans drove back the Aloken and won the war by performing a ritual to summon otherworldly creatures and overwhelm the Aloken. Through this ritual, ‘Karon’, who was guarding the gates of the otherworld, invaded the continent with otherworldly monsters. Even ‘Kalizio Vacshu’, who sealed the door after realizing their mistake, was torn to shreds by Karon. The remaining monsters slaughtered the humans and all of civilization was destroyed. This was the Grand Fall, the destruction of Trieste. Those who survived built the ark, ‘Arcana’ and hid. After some time, the monsters began to subside, and life on Trieste began to spread again.

On the Cusp of the Repeat of Grand Fall, Dekarons Head to the Past

After time had passed, the seal weakened and the fear of Karon’s return has reawakened. The ‘Incar Order’, which symbolizes the current world order, prepared new powers and weapons to deal with the Karon and called it Dekaron, which means to resist Karon. ‘Mistry’, the Archmage of the Incar Order escorted by the Azure Knights, tried to perform a purification ceremony for the rebirth of the continent, starting with the Blessed Land ‘Ardeca’, but failed because of the otherworldly monsters. ‘Garion’, the leader of the Azure Knights, realized that the purification failed, and decided to send the Dekarons to the past to correct it. Garion began assembling the Dekaron while setting up the last line of defense before Ardeca was breached, and thanks to Garion, ‘Vinael Farai’ was able to open a portal to the past. The Dekaron, feeling guilty for not being able to protect this world, determined not to lose their loved ones and Trieste again, jumped into the portal to fight Karon and his otherworldly monsters...

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