What is INCAR?

  • A “utility token” in Dekaron G that can be exchanged for pWEMIX
  • pWEMIX can be exchanged for WEMIX coin through a PLAY wallet
  • Nunvice's Crystals
  • Game Currency used to trade for INCAR
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INCAR Characteristics


“INCAR” is a utility token that can be exchanged for Nunvice’s Crystals, an essential resource in Dekaron G.


“INCAR” is a blockchain-based token that can be moved or traded inside and outside of Dekaron G.

Clear Intrinsic Value

Nunvice’s Crystals are an essential resource in Dekaron G and provide opportunities to enjoy content. Therefore, “INCAR”, which can be melted into Nunvice’s Crystals, has a clear purpose and intrinsic value.

Sustainable Value

The Casting Fee and Melting profit of Nunvice's Crystals are organically converted based on the production amount and Nunvice's Blessing level of the previous day, so that the value of “INCAR” can be maintained.

Investment Value

We want to maintain the continuous value through the endless virtuous cycle between Nunvice’s Crystals, INCAR, and pWEMIX. It provides high investment value in the medium and long term, as well as, potential investment value as the use of “INCAR” can be expanded through the success of the game.

Nunvice's Crystal

How to gain Nunvice's Crystal

Gift of Blessings Shop

Can be exchanged with “INCAR's Blessing” which can be acquired through monster hunting.

Dismantling and Destroying Items

Can be acquired through dismantling or destroying items

Myseria's Domain

Can be exchanged with “Nunvice Ores” acquired by killing players or special monsters

Field Boss

Can be acquired from monsters that spawn for a certain time

Level and Combat Power Rankings

Receive rewards based on your combat power and level within the world


Can be acquired from rift monsters that spawn from randomly generated rifts in the field

Guide Quest

Can be acquired as a reward for completing quests

Nunvice's Crystal

How to use Nunvice's Crystal

Gift of Blessings Shop

A shop where you can buy special items


A system that grants specific stats to equipment


A system that grants new stats to an equipment


A system that grants powerful stats to your characters


INCAR Casting

  • Can temper Nunvice's Crystals into INCAR through the “INCAR Token Exchange Ticket” NPC in Ardeca Castle
  • Can only temper into INCAR if you own at least 500,000 Nunvice's Crystals
  • When tempering, you must have a linked PLAY Wallet, and only one wallet can be linked per account


INCAR's Grace

  • Can be purchased with INCAR or through in-game purchase
  • When purchased, acquire additional INCAR's Blessing points and activate buff


INCAR Melting

  • Exchange INCAR for Nunvice's Crystals
  • Nunvice’s Blessing Level is based on your consumption of Nunvice's Crystals, and you can increase its level up to 100
  • You can exchange 1 INCAR token for up to a maximum 300,000 Nunvice's Crystals


Nunvice’s Blessing

  • Can be increased to a maximum of level 100 based on your consumption of Nunvice's Crystals
  • Additional stats and entry restrictions based on blessing level
  • Grants growth-related states per blessing level
  • Increases the number of castings available per day for each blessing level
  • Up to 30 casts at level 100

P&E Guide

Linking Your PLAY Wallet

P&E Guide

Casting Fee


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